You can sign up on-line via our Website or our Facebook Page or you can simply visit us at any one of our locations. After simply filling out our sign-up form you will then immediately receive an e-mail response with your account information indicating your personal Tropical Express SkyBox and SeaBox address including your personal mailbox/ account number. With this you can start shopping on-line right away! Membership would be billed on your first shipment.

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You can receive packages of just about any size and weight through our SkyBox and SeaBox Service. With our SeaBox Service you can bring in larger items such as furniture and larger appliances for cheaper. Through this service there is a 15lb. actual weight minimum requirement.Please ensure that all shipments are packaged properly as we will not accept liability for damage to goods due to improper packaging.
For our SkyBox Service, packages that are received at our Miami facility are sent to Trinidad, cleared on arrival, processed, transported to their area branches and are sorted; in all, your package would be ready for pick-up in about 5-6 days. SeaBox ships via ocean courier usually takes about 8 days to be ready to pick up. Hazmat items takes 1-2 weeks to ship and should be available to pick up in about 3-4 days additionally.

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Yes, you can track your packages on our Website or Facebook Page at any time by using your Tropical Express box number. Tropical Express would send the customer e-mail notifications/ pre-alerts when the package has reached Miami, when it’s in transit to Trinidad and when it is ready for pick-up. At any point in time via our Website or our Facebook Page you can check the status of your package whether it is processing in Miami, in-transit to Trinidad, if it's processing in Trinidad and finally if it's ready for pick-up.

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We accept cash (US$ or TT$), payment by LINX, certified cheque or credit card. Sorry but we do not accept cheque payments.

Yes, our customers can drop off packages at our warehouse in Miami, to be shipped via your box to Trinidad. When dropping off a package please place inside the package a Packing List stating the items that are in the box together with their subsequent values and a total. The shipper (person dropping off) will be given a Warehouse Receipt (WR#) upon tendering cargo to us on your behalf. Our operating hours in Miami are 9AM – 5:30PM (Miami Time) Monday -Friday. Our Miami address is as follows:

Address: 6531 NW 87th Avenue

City: Miami

State: Florida

Zip Code: 33178

Certain items may be considered restricted, prohibited or in need of a special license in order to ship as determined by the FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration), US Customs, our Cargo Airline or by the government of Trinidad and Tobago. These items will be put on hold in Miami and will not be sent until we receive further instructions from you and all appropriate paper work has been filed and fees paid if possible. Tropical Express members are required to get the special licenses for shipment. HAZMAT shipment would incur additional costs. If in doubt, please contact us before ordering such items.
Please note that any illegal substances that we encounter will be reported to the US CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) and subsequently confiscated after testing.

Restricted Items Info
Valued Members, when you or your authorized person is coming to pick up please bring a valid ID. With regards, to our policy of only box owners and authorized persons (persons who were given authorization from the box owner) are allowed to pick-up packages for that particular box. If you wish for someone else to pick up on your behalf, when sending them to the branch especially for only one-time authorization of pickups, please provide the person with a letter authorizing them to do so on your behalf. The letter must also state the owner's ID or DP and the ID or DP of the person you sent. Again, the person you sent to pick up may be required to show their ID upon pick up as well. If you wish to generally add and authorize persons to pick up packages on your account, the authorization letter could instead be emailed to us at beforehand. The reason for this new policy is to safeguard our box owners from any loss that may occur. Thanking you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Restricted Items Info