We at Tropical Express value our members, so much so that we put together this guide to help you have a better and safer online shopping experience. It's easy and fun to shop on-line, here's a quick guide below.


1) If you don’t know where to buy just visit any price comparison website like Shopping.com, Google.com, Froogle.com, etc. and enter the item in the search engine. If you already know the website that sells the item, just enter the item in the search engine to locate the item. To get coupons and cash backs make sure to check out Ebates.com or Coupons.com.

2) Many websites require you to register and become a member or continue as a guest. By registering and becoming a member allows you an account where your name, address and credit card information can be saved to help expedite future purchases from the site, instead of having to continuous enter the information when repurchasing. Print or save a copy of your purchase orders as a back-up confirmation. Also use strong passwords!

3) The most commonly used form of online payment is credit or debit card preferably a US or international credit or debit card. Many companies accept international credit cards with international billing addresses like Amazon, JC Penney, Victoria Secret, Walmart, Gymboree, Nordstrom, Mothercare, etc. but some companies require that you have a US credit card or US debit card to order stuff on-line. That’s no longer a problem with these easy tips below.

Add Your Miami Address as a Second Address To Your Bank Account

The easiest way to order from stores that require a US billing address is to simply use the US shipping address that was already given to you by Tropical Express when you first signed up as an additional billing address. Contact your local bank and ask them to add your personal shipping US address given to you by us (be sure to include your account number) as a second billing address on your account. This way, when a store’s checkout system tries to read the billing address on your card, it will match the US shipping address and your order should go through smoothly.

This also remedies the problem of the store requiring the billing and shipping addresses to be the same. Different addresses for billing and shipping raise a flag and especially for websites with strict fraud prevention control this is an immediate reason to not accept or cancel the order.

You can Pay Using Paypal

PayPal is the faster, safer and more convenient way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or buy using credit. When shopping online this holiday season it's better to use PayPal for your online purchases since some websites may not take international credit cards. Also, when you pay using PayPal you convert your TTD to USD with PayPal, not using your credit card issuer. This alleviates the whole problem of caps on your credit cards.
Check them out here: https://www.paypal.com/us/home

Use a VPN connection/IP shield

Many websites monitor the IP location of their visitors and only allow the ones with US IP address to purchase. This can be easily solved by using for example the free software from Hotspot Shield. It works as a tunnel and converts your IP address into a US IP address. Using a vpn connection also provides https encryption of your time and actions on the web, protection against identity theft and “snoopers” at Wi-Fi location.

4) Please make sure you purchase from secure sites. To tell a secure site make sure there’s a closed yellow padlock icon at the bottom of the web page, you can click on the padlock to view the security certificate of the website. Also make sure and use a good anti-malware program. For more information on safe online shopping check out these articles from PC Mag, McAfee Internet Security and StaySafeOnline.org