The referral program is open to all of our existing members and operates as described. Any registered member that successfully influences another individual or company to also become a member, upon them signing up and officially becoming a member, our customer will receive a TT$100.00 coupon that can be utilized against any future bill the referrer may have in the future.

It’s Simple, you refer you receive and save!

Step 1: You refer a friend or company to become a member of our service making sure they put your name under the ‘Referred By’ section of their sign up form.

Step 2: When your friend has paid their membership fee upon receiving their first package, you would receive a $100.00TTD credit on your account to be utilised against any future bill.
Customers can earn any amount of coupons and upon surpassing 10 referred sign-ups will receive a free year of subscription to their service. Also there are no limits to the amount of coupons our customers can earn so the possibilities are endless!