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How do I sign up for your services?

Click the "sign up" button on our homepage and fill out the required info. Once you're done, keep an eye on your inbox for your verification email. Once you've got that, you'll score your very own SkyBox number with access to their Miami SkyBox and SeaBox addresses. You're officially ready to shop, ship, and save with Tropical Express.

What is the minimum weight or size that I can ship?

You can receive packages of just about any size and weight through our SkyBox and SeaBox Service. With our SeaBox Service you can bring in larger items such as furniture and larger appliances for cheaper. Through this service there is a 15lb. actual weight minimum requirement.Please ensure that all shipments are packaged properly as we will not accept liability for damage to goods due to improper packaging.

Why do I need to pre-alert my package?

In order to be more accurately charges customs taxes and to avoid unnecessary excessive charges we recommend that you properly prealert your package using the tips depicted in our Pre-Alert Tips Page

Can I track my package(s)? How will I know my package has reached my mailbox?

Yes, you can track your packages on our Customer Portal on our website after you have registered for it. Tropical Express would send the customer e-mail notifications when the package has reached Miami, in-transit to Trinidad, processing in Trinidad and when it is ready for pick-up. On your Portal you can see your package(s) status, costs, Pre-Alerts and recent package invoices.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash (US$ or TT$), payment by LINX, certified cheque or credit card. Sorry but we do not accept cheque payments.

Can I drop off items at the Miami address to be sent through my mailbox?

Yes, our customers can drop off packages at our warehouse in Miami, to be shipped via your box to Trinidad. When dropping off a package please place inside the package a Packing List stating the items that are in the box together with their subsequent values and a total. The shipper (person dropping off) must present their ID and they will be given an Acceptance Form to fill out. Our operating hours in Miami are 9AM – 5:00PM (Miami Time) Monday -Friday. Our Miami address is as follows:
Address: 6531 NW 87th Avenue
City: Miami
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33178

Is there anything that I cannot receive through my mailbox?

Certain items may be considered restricted, prohibited or in need of a special license in order to ship as determined by the FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration), US Customs, our Cargo Airline or by the government of Trinidad and Tobago. These items will be put on hold in Miami and will not be sent until we receive further instructions from you and all appropriate paper work has been filed and fees paid if possible. Tropical Express members are required to get the special licenses for shipment. HAZMAT shipment would incur additional costs. If in doubt, please contact us before ordering such items.
Please note that any illegal substances that we encounter will be reported to the US CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) and subsequently confiscated after testing.

Read more about Restricted Items

Can only I pick up packages under my account? Do I need to bring my ID?

When picking up packages, only box owners, sharers, or authorized pick-up persons (permanent or temporary) must pick-up for that specific account and must present a valid ID either a National ID or Driver’s Permit. You can add a sharer, permanent pick-up person, or temporary pick-up person via the customer portal by providing their full name, selecting the ID type, and providing the ID number. For any changes or updates, please email your branch manager or customer support. To change sharer please ensure the email includes the owner’s National ID or Driver's Permit (DP) and the ID or DP of the sharer being changed. To change authorized pick-up persons ensure your email specifies whether the pick-up authorization is permanent or temporary, and includes the owner’s ID or driver's permit (DP) and the ID or DP of the authorized person. Please note that the ID presented at the branch must match the one we have on file for you or persons picking up on your account. For a faster and expedited checkout process, you can provide us with your ID to scan and keep on file, so you won’t need to show your ID each time you visit. This expedited option is exclusively available for owners, sharers, and permanent pick-up persons. Temporary pick-ups must present their ID or DP that we have on file each time. This policy is in place to provide optimum safety and security of your goods and we appreciate your cooperation. Disclaimer: Be aware that individuals authorized to pick up goods under your account do so at your own risk. Tropical Express is not liable for any issues arising from this arrangement.

What happens to my package if I forget to add my box/ T-account number?

Your package will end up in the Unknowns Section in our Miami warehouse. If you have forgotten to add your box number to a shipment you have incoming please email us at

If my family member(s) or friend wants to send me a package with items they consolidated, what is the procedure?

With packages that are hand packed and consolidated by you, family member or friend, please place inside the package Actual Invoice(s) and a Packing List stating the items that are in the box together with their subsequent values and a total. Make sure to supply them with your full Miami address which includes your Box/ Account Number.

What do I need to bring when using the Miami Pick-Up or Drop-Off Services?

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