online shopping guide

Elevate Your Online Shopping: Your Guide to a Safer, Smarter Experience.

Shopping Guide

Get the best value for your money

Check out price comparison websites such as Google Shopping, PriceGrabber,, etc. and enter the item you are interested in.
Also, be sure to check out or for coupons and cash backs.

Choose to register or become a member

Many websites offer membership options. Registering saves your personal and payment information, making future purchases much faster. Always keep a copy of purchase orders and use strong passwords to protect your account.

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Shopping Guide

Shop secure

Look for a closed padlock icon (usually in the address bar) and check the site's security certificate. Protect your device with a reliable anti-malware program. For added privacy and to bypass location restrictions, use a VPN service like Hotspot Shield.
It changes your IP address to a US one, unlocking access to US-based shopping sites.VPNs also encrypt your internet traffic, protecting you from snoopers and potential identity theft, especially on public Wi-Fi

Know your payment options

While many online stores accept international credit cards, some US-based retailers require a US billing address. Here are solutions:

- Add US Shipping Address to Bank Account
Contact your bank to add your US shipping address (be sure to include your account number) as a secondary billing address. This allows for a billing/shipping address match. Stores often use billing/shipping address match as a fraud prevention measure. By adding your US shipping address to your bank account, your order won't be mistakenly flagged, allowing it to process without issues.

- Use PayPal or Amazon Pay
Need faster, more secure online checkout? PayPal simplifies payments, often works with international cards and offers its own currency conversion (potentially bypassing card issuer limits). Amazon Pay is a similar alternative - just remember to enable the currency converter in your Amazon account.

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