pre-alert tips

Stay Ahead, Pre-Alert Today! Valued Members, Log in to your Customer Portal for Seamless and Expedited Processing

Pre-Alerting your package on your Customer Portal is easy and will allow us to provide Customs with precise information so that your Customs Duty, VAT and OPT charges would be more accurate, and you are not overcharged unnecessarily. Please keep in mind Tropical Express would have to adhere to values determined by the officers at their discretion.

So what are you waiting for? Give your package the VIP treatment it deserves—Pre- Alert it now and sail through customs like a seasoned pro!

The Pre-Alert Score!

On your new Customer Portal you’ll see your Pre-Alert Score which is determined by how many packages you’ve pre-alerted. Be sure to pre-alert on our new portal to better your score to be eligible to win giveaways and deals!


Important details when Pre-Alerting:

How to Pre-Alert?

Step 1: Enter Supplier/Retailer

Enter the store purchased from for e.g. Amazon, SHEIN, Best Buy, etc.

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Step 2: Enter U.S. Domestic Carrier and Tracking Number

Select U.S. Domestic Carrier/ Shipper for e.g. USPS UPS AMAZON, DHL, etc.

Enter proper Tracking Number given to you by the store you purchased from and not the order number.

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Step 3: Submit Invoice

Click the button that says "Tap to capture or browse for invoices". Search for the invoice on your computer or mobile device and select it to upload. Actual/official invoices are required.

Enter the total USD value of all items in the package. Remember, for each package a total value is needed for the actual contents of the said package; the tracking number MUST correspond with the value of the items found in that package. Correct tracking numbers (NOT the order number) and a proper invoice are essential and MUST be accurate.

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Step 4: Enter Detailed Description(s)

Enter detailed and specific package description(s). If your package contains more than one category of items for e.g. Clothing, Shoes. Please describe the top two highest valued categories.

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A Pre-Alert Confirmation will pop-up where you must read the disclaimer, click the box to agree with the disclaimer and click the button to confirm Pre-Alert or if you think you made a mistake you can cancel or go back to recheck the Pre-Alert.

That's it! You're done!